Music BIO

Priest/Flor Play - Los Angeles Based DJ And Producer

In tight circles, at clubs and larger venues, he's known simply as "Priest". Being a seasoned traveler, he has performed in several countries around the globe, but calls his home Los Angeles. Priest has been expressing his raw emotion the best way he knows how - by mixing and producing music for over 20 years. He excels at mixing many different genres from Drum n bass, breaks, house, techno, and dubstep. During his shows you will notice him settle into his zone, grabbing, twisting, and manipulating knobs and faders all choreographed to follow his path of attack delivering next level sounds and thunderous bass.


A Native of New Mexico and long time veteran of Southern California, Priest is the founder of Sanctuary (A Southern California underground event) and a Partner\Resident DJ for Bring It Back Productions. He has collaborated with many well recognized artists and production crews including Almost Famous, 45PSI, Insomniac, West Side Dubz, and The Junglist Platoon. His newest venture is now working together with Fleetwood Smack creating the ultimate trio also known as Flor Play.


Priest has DJ'd in numerous clubs and events in the U.S. and around the world: in Japan at Club Asia, VRAS, Funky Stuff, Cross On, Yokohama Bay Hall, Pylon (Digital), Le Freak, and B.B.C.; in Guam at Gun Beach, Luna, and Ground Zero; in Singapore at Club NOX; In Bali, Indonesia at Bass Attack; In Mexico at the Jai Alai, Electric Poncho, and MultiKulti; in Florida at WMC; In Colorado at the Milk Bar, Bar Standard, Recon, Plan B (Boulder), Beta, Fly me to the moon saloon (Telluride), El Rancho (Durango); in California at The Rapture, Red C Lounge, The Trona Pinnacles, The Loft, Underground LA Art Gallery Events, Level, Muse, Deep, Process, Search, Uprising, Reaction, Babylon, Summer Bassex, Shoalin Sushi, Drumfoundead,, The Hole, Canes (Liquid Lounge), Tivoli's, several art shows, the Puma concept store, Bring Your Own, Brick by Brick, The Kava Lounge, Almost Famous Radio, Liquid Sundays, The Beehive, Jungle Bells, Broke as Fuck, Sanctuary, Area 33, Purple 33, Bassrush, Time Machine, I Love LA, Boogaloo Mountain Jam, King King, Airliner, The Good Hurt, Supperclub for Limelight thursdays, Custom Hotel Pool Party for Return from the Burn, Westside Dubs, the Blvd, Avalon Hollywood, Bardot, Grateful Fridays, The Red Loft, Proper, Respect Radio, Ditgital Roots, Solid, Resistance, The Overpass, Bring It Back, Red Couch Diaries, Cat's and Boots, Escape from Wonderland, Lucidtiy, Temple of Boom. His resume speaks for itself, and the list is always growing!


Priest would like to give a special thanks to ILLFX, Havok, Dutasta (Earthbound), Hazen, Pasqual, Vigilante, World Renowned, Shimon, Breakage, Abby Norml, Deco Comprehension, Philly Be, LTJ Bukem, Devoe, Dieselboy and J Messinian, Vegas, Brez, Danger S, Shadow Spirit, Tech Itch, MC XYZ, MC Dre, MC Ridda, Unit One, Aero, Skyler Mic, Origin, Mathematics, Mundy, Mark Quark, Re-Pete, Freaky Flow, MC Flipside, RAW (6BLOCC), APX1, CRS?, Trouble, Sophia, Forrest, Divine Elements, Daemon, Probable Cause, Nightstalker, Spektrum, Empress, Wizard, Onket, RFX, Chaostica, Menace, Mythrill, Jungle Riddim, Walkrawler, United Drum N Bass, XXXL, Phear, World Renowned, Tabu, Wizard, Circuit, AMC, Jayvon, Peacemaker, Alder n Karl, Frayed Knott, Bypass, Give, Ryski, Elizabitch, Alan (Guam), Brandon (Singapore), Nami (Japan), Largehuman, The Serum, Kinetek, Knottyboy, Primate, Kial, PeteR, Zypho, Ry'o, Mark Alan, Red Sonya, J-be, Dubscout, Tyler, Shawn Soundspeed, Resonate4fe, Rubdose, Steve, Ntro, Brianeye, Audio Angel, Teflon, Rilla, B.O.B., Scooba, Clutch, Machete, Drone, Gil, Sense, Harmony, Dre, Dirty Bill, Lyceum, Frizz, Jay Manzano, MC Dino, Alex Rosson, Reid Speed, Deco, Mesck, Pacolypse, Chad Rock, Oscure, Moo Tang, Paulina, Mista Maxx, Rudelgin, Trouble, Trip Simmons, Geno Cochino, Naada, Myka9, La Reda/Brion Charles, Kloak (EMU), Boreta, Ooah, Bemo, Eva, Pumpkin, Andrew Hoevler, Anna, Spektrum, Quincy, Rueben, Mark, Aaron, Matt (RIP), Kuru, Ruff Hauser, Stephan Jacobs, Sugarpill, Nico Luminous, Roxanne, Serena, Faith Demarco, Fleetwood Smack, DJ Dan, Mike Balance, DJ Jah, Brainchild, Habit, Flinch, Stranger, Kronology, Das Moov, The Fuzz, eleVatah, Lou E Bagels, Fort Knox Five, S.P.Y., Frisky Business, Soul Atomic, Lou E Bagels, Winnebago, Everyman, Bruche', Wobbs, and any other music family that I might have missed. You all have inspired me over the years and I'm thankful for you.